Africa is a continent of the future. The continent, which has grown rapidly in the past decade and with growth rates ranging from 5% to 10% depending on the country, covers 6% of the earth’s surface and is now attracting appetites with a population of 1.2 billion, Making it the second most populous continent after Asia.

With an increasingly modern infrastructure in the fields of education, health, defense, industry, energy and transport, the continent is often subject to instability and Insecurity must now meet the challenge of the safety of its infrastructures.

In the port area and maritime transport, Africa is facing serious challenges, notably in Guinea golf, but also in the so-called “Horn of Africa” zone, which is affected by brigandage and Maritime piracy.

Some African States grouped around the OMAOC (Maritime Organization of West and Central Africa), and the Information and Communication Center (CINFOCOM), the Guinea Golf Community, the CRESMAC Regional Maritime Safety Authority of Central Africa), and supported by IMO (International Maritime Organization), and the International Maritime Bureau (IMO), have understood this issue and are increasingly developing common subregional Fight, in order to eradicate these phenomena. The signing of the Lomé Charter of 15 October 2016 on Maritime Security in Africa, under the supervision of the African Union, is a perfect example of this.

Already benefiting from the strategic and operational support of external partners (such as the US Navy, or French naval ships, etc.) to combat these scourges which slow down traffic and make the continent’s waters less and less safe for installations Ports, but also and especially ships and offshore industrial installations (especially oil), Africa gradually provides answers.

Hence the need for the continent to develop its own expertise through local human resources in order to provide appropriate solutions to the problems of piracy and brigandage in order to secure road, port and airport infrastructures.

Our consulting company provides answers to this type of problem through Audits, advises you and accompanies you in the implementation of corrective measures in accordance with the provisions and requirements of the ISPS Code in force in most African ports today. hui.
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