Our audits enable us to identify and highlight the reliability of your structures, as well as your business procedures. We have international expertise confirmed in particular in the framework of the development of your management programs and the valorization of human capital.

Our audits concern :

  • Monitoring and diagnosing resources:
    (Existing procedures, available technologies, human resources).
  • Sharing and superposition of solutions:
    (Integration and implementation of resources, flow control, vulnerability control)
  • Information management:
    (Synchronization and supervision of databases, access controls, radio and telecommunication systems, human resources management, statistics, traceability, perimeter impermeability, introduction of restrictions and filtering).
  • Standardization of procedures: 
    (Processes, reports, analysis documents, methodologies, exercises, HSE, operational procedures).
  • Service collaboration:
    (Coordination of actions, synergies, data exchanges, operational interactivity).


At the end of the Audit phase, we propose to our clients a methodology that takes into account the realities of the field and proposes corrective measures related to them.


We are ready to assist our clients in the implementation of the corrective measures taken. The accompaniment could be supplemented by our offers of sectoral training  and of transversal training

Our approach is as follows :

  • Technical safety expertise
  • Individual accompaniment
  • Compliance of vessels and port facilities and affiliated services
  • Standardization of procedures
  • Development of communication links and channels
  • Port competitiveness and prospects
  • Certification and Performance Improvement.

As regards the security of ports and ships, conscious of intervening in a sector of sensitive activities and framed by regulatory standards, where the approximation has no place, we propose to conduct simultaneously: audit, formation Sensitization and exercises. These three parameters are nested and complementary, their combined use makes it possible to validate the prerequisites and to ensure the preparation of the structures in conformity with the ISPS code.